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Appraising Earth – Art of Weight Loss

The Art of Weight Loss is based upon a simple idea.

It applies the time-tested principles behind Sun Tzu’s Art of War to weight loss.

So, let’s sit back, relax and learn more about The Art of Weight Loss.

Appraising Earth (Exploring The Layout of the Land)

Ask yourself this question:

  • Do you have a purpose that will best resolve all the issues of earth; the issues of going high when the terrain is high, going low when the terrain is low; going broad when the terrain is broad, going narrow when the terrain is narrow; going far when your destination if far away, going near when your destination is close; going steep when the terrain is steep, going level when the terrain is level; facing death when it is staring at you  and facing life when you have an opportunity to live)

In other words, are you flexible enough to handle anything the terrain (the roadmap) you will face as you do battle with obesity?

Can you handle anything that comes your way and deal with it accordingly?

I Think You Can

Many people are big users of the word can’t.

They talk about how they can’t do this and they can’t do that.

In fact, the word “can’t” might just be the biggest obstacle you will face as you do battle with obesity.

Can’t Serves To Limit You

The word can’t stops you from attempting things.

The word can’t stops you from doing things.

The word can’t stops you from moving forward.

Can Serves To Empower You

The word can empowers you to attempt things.

The word can empowers you to do things.

The word can empowers you to move forward.

The Difference Between Can and Should


  • Used to indicate physical or mental ability;
  • Used to indicate possession of a specified power, right, or privilege;
  • Used to indicate possession of a specified capability or skill;
  • Used to indicate possibility or probability;
  • Used to indicate that which is permitted, as by conscience or feelings; and
  • Used to indicate probability or possibility under the specified circumstances.


  • Used to state that something ought to happen; and
  • Used to state that something ought to be done.

Can Means You Have The Power; Can’t Means You Don’t Have The Power

Should Means You Ought To Do Something; Shouldn’t Mean You Ought Not To Do Something

In other words, can’t is an often unconscious word choice that serves to limit us.

Shouldn’t is an often conscious choice to place limitations upon ourselves.


Being conscious is about having an awareness of one’s environment and one’s own existence, sensations, and thoughts. It is about being mentally perceptive or alert.  It is about being awake.

12 Step Programs Already Know This

If you notice, the first step in most 12 step recovery programs is acknowledging that the problem exists.

The first step is about becoming conscious.

So, What’s It Going To Be?

Are you going to wake up and become conscious of that which is going on around you.

I believe you can and I believe you will.

The question is – do you believe in yourself?

Our Next Post

Come back tomorrow as we jump right in and begin analyzing the fourth of the 5 aspects.  We will discuss the Leadership in your life and how it affects your ability to lose weight.

Until next time, may you find your path by walking it . . .

About the Author

Stanley F. Bronstein

Attorney, CPA and Author

President and Member Board of Directors

As his 50th birthday grew nearer, Stanley decided enough was enough. He was tired of living a life of obesity.

Since February 2009, Stanley has dropped from a weight of 320 pounds to the mid-190s.  He has gone from a life of inactivity to walking a half-marathon daily and full marathons on many weekends.

His latest book in what he calls his “iWarriorWalk Pathfinder Series” is designed to help people ask (and answer) key questions about themselves.  Stanley believes that the only way We The People of the United States are going to solve our problems (especially the growing problem of obesity) is by asking the right questions and by coming up with appropriate answers.

Through Foundation EON, he hopes to help you (and America) do just that.