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Benefits Of Making One Healthy Choice – TODAY

In my 17+ years of practice as a Nutrition Therapist, one fact continues to emerge above others; that what we eat is just as important as what we exclude. Being healthy is a pattern of behaviors, a way of life… a path with awareness that recognizes positive decisions produce healthier results … that ownership of our health starts in our minds.

Weight loss is no different.

Weight alone does not produce health or disease. Body composition is a bigger predictor of health. This is why the role of exercise in weight management is so important.  Exercise will allow us to increase lean body mass and decrease body fat.

Eating for health involves many measures. Optimal diets include plant-based foods at their foundation, lean proteins, complex carbs and healthy fats, all of which should be portion-controlled. Food need not be therapy. We need to learn to separate our emotions from our food. There are moments for meaningful splurges. Pick those moments. Make them special, but not daily. Settle into the reality that having energy, feeling great, and being well are the results of good choices.

The consequences of random food intake, fast food on a regular basis, inactivity, stress, and less sleep have produced a generation of obese adults. An even harsher fact is that 1 out of 5 children are now considered overweight. This health crisis has reached epic proportions.   The solution is to take one step – one positive step at a time.  Education is the answer.

One healthy choice today, carried forward will produce a large leap over time. Just reducing sugary beverages every day can result in a 1 lb. weight loss in one week. Small changes add up to big changes over time.

Be conscious, read labels, have a real breakfast, eat seasonal foods, shop the farmer’s market. Eat fresh. Eat greens. Eat color. Buy a pedometer. Get moving. Keep moving.

REMEMBER – Lifestyle Management is the key to Weight Management.  The key to Lifestyle Management is to make small, beneficial changes and carry them forward over a long period of time.

About The Author

Suzanne de Boisblanc-Tyler, RD LD/N

Registered Dietician/Nutritionist

Suzanne is a driving force in the New Orleans community promoting total body wellness. She is recognized for her ability to interview clients, assess their eating habits, develop individualized treatment plans, promote healthy lifestyles, and follow up and track their progress. She has a keen understanding and vast knowledge of human behavior and food habits, as well as the ability to motivate her clients in making healthy lifestyle choices.

She has also been a featured speaker at nutritional events including Women’s and Men’s Health Day, Senior Wellness Programs, and the Baptist Health Corporate Wellness Program. She was honored as the Nutrition Educator of the Year in 1999 for her accomplishments in the field.  Her professional affiliations include the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Nutrition for Public Health Practice Group, World Affairs Council of New Orleans, New Orleans Citizens for Diplomacy Council, and the National Association of Professional Women.   She completed the Program in Dietetics and the Approved Professional Practice Program from the Florida International University in Miami. She continued her studies at the Pritikin Institute for Longevity as an intern.

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