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Go From Fatigued To Energetic

It’s time to get up and you reach for your coffee before you can function for the day. You might even skip breakfast because you just don’t have time and you are moving slow. Does this sound familiar?

In our busy world today we are moving so fast and have so much to do that life is just exhausting. You have less energy and more to do! You may suffer from headaches, muscle aches, insomnia, digestive issues, brain fog and more.

Sometimes there may be hidden issues going on that you aren’t aware of. These could be hidden food sensitivities, infections, tired adrenals, messed up hormones and more.

As we age, these symptoms become more prominent and we can try to figure it out if we want instead of taking medications just to cover up symptoms. Medications are a necessary thing at times but long term, it’s good to figure out what’s up and change your lifestyle if you want increased energy, better sleep, better digestion and a quality of life.

You don’t have to give up eating delicious food or take up long distance running! Step by step you can add some changes and tweak what you are eating and get to the bottom of what may be bugging you. I have seen lots of people balance blood sugar, lose weight, sleep better and lower cholesterol. You may even uncover some hidden things like;

  • Foods that are inflaming your gut
  • Infections that can cause inflammation
  • How well you are digesting
  • Adrenal dysfunction

It’s like fine tuning your car. You have to keep up the maintenance in order for it to keep running well and not breaking down. Our bodies are the same. You can find out what’s going on by doing saliva/stool testing. It can be very enlightening for sure. It’s really just like a road map for knowing how to fine tune your system so it runs like a Ferrari! You may even prevent diseases like Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease and Auto-Immune Disease. If you have a family history of any disease, it doesn’t mean that you will get that disease but you are pre-disposed to it for sure. It’s how you live your life that matters. This will determine if you trigger those genes or not.

One thing I know for sure is that our quality of life is important as we age and I want to be full of life until the end!

About The Author

Karen Russell

Certified Health Coach and Nutritionist

Karen received her training to practice health coaching at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in conjunction with Columbia University and also has a degree in Dietetics. She’s a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and believes that you can heal your body holistically with food and natural supplements. She offers saliva testing for hormones, adrenal issues, hidden food sensitivities or infections. She does cooking classes, educational seminars, movie nights and other fun events like chocolate tastings!

Working in hospitals, nursing homes and weight loss centers for over 20 years has given her lots of experience with helping people manage their weight and increase energy. It’s never too late to change the road you’re on. Her passion in life is to help people to learn to eat better, step by step, with delicious food, for the best quality of life possible.

Karen recently expanded her business to Sedona, Arizona and works with clients nationwide.

For more information on Karen, visit