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Allow Miracles In Your Life

Creativity represents a miraculous coming together of the uninhibited energy of the child with its apparent opposite and enemy, the sense of order imposed on the disciplined adult intelligence.  (Norman Podhoretz)

Miracle – An effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers. A wonder; marvel. Any amazing or wonderful occurrence.

Miraculous – Of the nature of a miracle; marvelous.

Many People Think It Would Take A Miracle For Them To Achieve LASTING Weight Loss

Maybe yes, maybe no.

Creativity happens in our lives; miracles happen in our lives, WHEN WE LET GO and embrace the childlike energy within us all.

Notice, I said childlike, NOT CHILDISH. There is a difference.

Think back on earlier times in your life.

Think back to when you were eight years old; when you walked around with the enthusiasm, the energy of an eight year old child.

Nothing was impossible. Everything could be done, all you had to do was put your mind to it.

The above quote also talks about the “APPARENT” opposite / enemy of that childlike energy; the order and discipline of adults.

Notice, the quote does suggest one VERY IMPORTANT thing. It says the discipline and order of adults is the APPARENT opposite of childlike energy.

Let’s focus on the word APPARENT.

Can One Still Have Childlike Energy and Enthusiasm, Yet Still Maintain An Adult’s Sense of Discipline and Order?

You bet.

In fact, that’s what I try to do each and every day.

Energy and enthusiasm are wonderful, powerful tools.

By allowing energy and enthusiasm to be present in all that we do, we open ourselves up to allow miracles to come into our lives.

By being open, by being receptive, we create a space in our lives to allow the all important energies to come into our lives that creates miracles.

A miracle is something that is extraordinary, amazing or wonderful.

Now, why would someone even possibly believe that having an adult’s sense of discipline and order could prevent extraordinary, amazing or wonderful things from happening in our lives?

My guess is that as we become adults, so many of us feel like the enthusiasm and joy in our lives has been beaten out of us.

I’m here to tell you that it does NOT have to be that way.

Being An Ordered And Disciplined Adult Can Be Fun

When I was 48 (I’m 53 now), I met with a very spiritual person and talked about some of the formative events in my life.

Perhaps the most defining moment in my life occurred at the age of 8, when my mother died.

Prior to her death, I was so full of youthful energy and enthusiasm.

While it never went away completely, a part of me died that day in September 1967 when she died.

However, forty years later (when I was 48), I came to realize that everything had come full circle, and that I had become a 48 year old adult, with the energy and enthusiasm of that 8 year old child.

The best part of it was that not only did I have the energy, curiosity and enthusiasm of an 8 year old, I also had the knowledge, wisdom and experience of a 48 year old.

In other words, I was able to merge both worlds together and create something that was more powerful together than either of them were separately!

That is what I want you to do in your life.

So What Am I Suggesting Here?

I’m suggesting that if you open up your mind; if you encourage and embrace the youthful enthusiasm within you and then merge it with your adult knowledge, wisdom and experience, you will be one incredibly powerful being.

NEVER, EVER, EVER let anyone take your youthful enthusiasm away from you. If you are young and reading this, hold on to that enthusiasm, embrace it and work with it your entire life.

It is what makes you powerful. It is what makes us all powerful.

Until next time, may you find your path by walking it . . .

About The Author

Stanley F. Bronstein

Attorney, CPA and Author

President and Member Board of Directors

As his 50th birthday grew nearer, Stanley decided enough was enough. He was tired of living a life of obesity.

Since February 2009, Stanley has dropped from a weight of 320 pounds to the mid-190s.  He has gone from a life of inactivity to walking a half-marathon daily and full marathons on many weekends.

His latest book in what he calls his “iWarriorWalk Pathfinder Series” is designed to help people ask (and answer) key questions about themselves.  Stanley believes that the only way We The People of the United States are going to solve our problems (especially the growing problem of obesity) is by asking the right questions and by coming up with appropriate answers.

Through Foundation EON, he hopes to help you (and America) do just that.

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