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Obesity Affects Adults

The Statistics Are Frightening

As of 2008, estimates were that OVER 68% of American men and women were overweight or obese.

OVER 68%   ! ! ! ! !

Even newer studies suggest that by 2030, more than 50% of the people in 39 states will be obese – not merely overweight – but obese.

We have a problem . . .


and, it’s quite literally growing worse . . .


Obesity Adds To The Cost Of Health Care

A recent study conducted by the Mayo Clinic out of Rochester, MN indicated the following:

  • Compared to normal-weight individuals, health care costs for obese individuals were $1,850 more per year;
  • For morbidly obese individuals, that excess cost jumps up to $5,500 per year.

Everyone talks about the rising health care costs in America.

Doesn’t it stand to reason that if we did something to reduce the obesity problem those costs would go down?

Not only that, do you know how much suffering, discomfort and outright misery could be avoided if overweight and obese indviduals began to lose weight?

I know from my own personal weight loss experience it would be quite a bit . . .

At one time I was as big as 367 pounds.  As late as Feb 2009, I was 320 pounds. Now I’m down to 195 pounds.

Stanley Bronstein – Circa 1990

More Pictures

No surgeries, no drugs were involved.

Just 3 simple steps:


Step 1  – Mental Preparation

Step 2 – Eating Better

Step 3 – Exercising More


If I Can Do It, Then I KNOW You Can Do It


Do you know how much pain our children could avoid if we, the adults in their lives, did something to lose weight?

I know from my own personal experience it would be quite a bit . . .

My mother died when I was only 8 years old.  She was obese.  While I don’t think that was the primary cause of her death at the tender age of only 48, I’m quite certain it didn’t help things.  Her death, at such a young age, impacted me greatly.  To be quite frank, it left “emotional scars” that took quite a long time to heal (over 40 years) . . .

My father was obese for the entire time I knew him (36 years).  I saw him endure quite a bit of pain that resulted directly from his obesity.

As my 50th birthday approached, I became determined that I wasn’t going to make the same mistake he did.

I decided I was going to do something about it . . .


Now, It’s Your Turn . . .

  • Are you overweight or obese?
  • Do you live with someone who is overweight or obese?
  • Do you have children who are overweight or obese?
  • Do you have friends, co-workers and acquaintances who are overweight or obese?

If your answer to ANY or ALL of those questions was YES, then it’s time for you to do something about it.

The Social Stigma Behind Being Overweight Or Obese

There is quite a bit of social stigma attached to being overweight or being obese.

People are afraid to talk about it to each other in a direct manner.

Instead, we get TV shows that talk and newspaper articles that talk about it in a general sense.

But, few people are willing to get in your face and talk to you about it directly.

Well, I’m not.

I’ve made a living as an attorney and a CPA by being straightforward, honest and direct . . .

I’m not going to change now . . .

If You’re Reading This, Chances Are You Have A Problem

That’s okay.  If you’re overweight or obese, it’s okay.

I don’t hate you.  I don’t think it’s disgusting.

I don’t think anything less of you as a person.

What I do think is that you need help.

What I do think is that you need to make some changes in your life.

What I do think is that you need to do it NOW !!!

And most of all, I think “deep down”, you want help

Well, that’s just what EON is going to do.

We’re going to help.

Here’s how:

We’re going to show you how to take personal responsibility for your own situation

If you are overweight or obese, no one else is responsible for your situation.  If you know someone who is overweight or obese, no one else is responsible for their situation.

No one else is responsible for your health, be it good or be it bad.

No one . . .

The people in your life may contribute to the situation and may empower you to make poor choices, but it is still you who is making those poor choices, NOT anyone else.

If the situation is going to be corrected, it is NOT going to be because others took the appropriate actions for you.

It is going to be because YOU took the appropriate actions.

Not anyone else.

So, What Is Responsibility?

Different people will have different definitions of responsibility.  We here at EON like to define responsibility in the simplest way possible.

Responsibility is the Ability to Be Responsible


The problem is that all too often we fail to exercise that ability.  In fact, we live in a society that, all too often, encourages us to do the exact opposite.

That may sound harsh, but it’s the truth and it’s time to STOP DENYING THE TRUTH.

You’ve no doubt heard of the United States Declaration of Independence?  Well, it’s time for all of us to make a new declaration.

The Declaration of Personal Response-Ability

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for a people to dissolve the artificially created misconceptions that have served to prey upon them, and to assume among the powers of the universe, a level of personal response-ability demanded of them by the Laws of Nature, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to take said action.


We hold this truth to be self-evident, that all persons are henceforth response-able for the consequences of their own actions and inactions, that they are endowed with certain unalienable response-abilities, that among these are response-ability for their own life; their own health; their own liberty; their own financial well-being; and their own happiness.


That to secure these rights, persons must no longer blame anyone else for the problems in their lives.


In fact, they need blame no one, not even themselves.


Blame is irrelevant.


Correcting the situation is the only thing that is relevant.


Are you ready to assume personal responsibility for your life and your health?


If you are, I want you to:

Click on this link to a PDF of the Declaration of Personal Response-Ability.

(you may need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the file, but I trust you know how to handle that)

I want you to:

  • Print out a copy of the Declaration;
  • Print your name at the bottom in the space provided; and
  • Sign it and date it; and
  • Put it in a place where you can see it every day (such as taping it to your bedroom mirror or wherever you choose).

If you think anyone else in your life is willing and ready to sign this Declaration, then I encourage you to give them a copy and ask them to do the same.

This is our challenge to you.


This is the “Change The World Challenge”


If we can get millions of Americans and millions of citizens around the world to take this Declaration, the world will indeed be changed, for the better !!!


It is time for you to “Change The World”.


What’s the best way to change the world?


You change the world by changing yourself.


Here at EON, we’ve decided that an ideal way to get the message out is to do it in graphic form.  With that in mind, we’ve created an adult comic strip known as Walkabout Wendy & Boo Boo The Cat, which will be available through the most common forms of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Additionally, we are making the strip available for online viewing at

Here’s a little bit of background about Wendy and Boo Boo:



Wendy Wilcox, aka Walkabout Wendy

WW (short for Wonder Woman) is the nickname given to her by all her family, friends and co-workers.

Unfortunately, out of all her friends, none of them are boyfriends.

Wendy is 29 1/2 years old and just 6 months away from her 30th birthday.

She has a great job as the vice-president (and heir apparent when her father retires) at her family owned company, Wilcox Public Relations.

Wendy is about 5 foot 4 inches tall and weighs 275 pounds.

She’s been lucky that she hasn’t gotten sick (SO FAR), but she feels miserable physically.

Just getting up from bed in the morning is sometimes a chore.

Wendy lives alone with her trusty cat, BOO BOO.


Boo Boo the Cat

BOO BOO is Wendy’s bestest friend in the whole wide world.

BOO BOO is a male cat who’s been with Wendy for the past 7 years.

BOO BOO is her trusted confidant and Wendy tells hm EVERYTHING.

BOO BOO likes to purr and ask lots of questions as he does so.

He’s a rubber and a lover.

Definitely a lap cat.

We hope you will enjoy reading the Walkabout Wendy strips as much as we are enjoying creating them.

Until next time, may you find your path by walking it . . .


About The Author

Stanley F. Bronstein

Attorney, CPA and Author

President and Member Board of Directors

As his 50th birthday grew nearer, Stanley decided enough was enough. He was tired of living a life of obesity.

Since February 2009, Stanley has dropped from a weight of 320 pounds to the mid-190s.  He has gone from a life of inactivity to walking a half-marathon daily and full marathons on many weekends.

His latest book in what he calls his “iWarriorWalk Pathfinder Series” is designed to help people ask (and answer) key questions about themselves.  Stanley believes that the only way We The People of the United States are going to solve our problems (especially the growing problem of obesity) is by asking the right questions and by coming up with appropriate answers.

Through Foundation EON, he hopes to help you (and America) do just that.