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Step 2 to LASTING Weight Loss – Eating Better

Back in Step 1, we said that achieving LASTING weight loss was a 3 step process:

All we have to do is:

  1. Become mentally prepared;
  2. Eat better; and
  3. Exercise more

This is Step 2 – Eating Better.

How Do We Go About Eating Better?

As before, eating better is a 3 step process.

Become Aware of What We’re Eating

How does one go about increasing their awareness?

Quite simply, one increases their awareness by making observations and learning from them.  You need to start making observations about the food you are eating and the food choices that are being presented to you.

If it’s really that simple, then what’s the problem?

The problem is three-fold.

  • FIRST We live in a society that, all too often, encourages us to NOT make observations.
  • SECOND We live in a society that, all too often, encourages us to NOT learn from any observations we do happen to make.
  • THIRD We live in a society that, all too often, encourages us to focus our awareness on that which Others deem is important and NOT on that which we might deem to be important if our awareness was properly focused.

Who are these others?

These “others” are those who seek to profit from controlling our thoughts and our actions. The key words here are PROFIT and CONTROL.  I’ll leave it to you to decide who these “others” are in your lives.

Are these “others” to blame for the obesity epidemic in the United States?

As I suggested in Step 1, blame is irrelevant.  It does NOT matter who is at fault.  What matters, is what are we going to do to solve the problem?

Now that we are aware of the problem, what can we do to solve it?

As with any problem, becoming aware of its existence is the all-important first step toward solving it.

Albert Einstein said:

Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.

It is my contention that the only way to solve this problem is to take control over our own lives and to change our thinking.

So, how do we become aware of our eating habits and patterns?

Becoming aware of what we’re eating is actually a 3 step process.

  1. Paying attention to what we are eating, while we are eating it.
  2. Learning about nutrition.  Learning what foods are good and what foods are bad.
  3. Identifying all the good things we are eating or need to eat and identifying all the bad things we are eating or should NOT be eating.

In order to help you do just that, EON has put together the EON Team of experts.

By browsing through their articles on this site, you can find great information, which you can find in the Click Box below:

Deciding What Changes We Are Going To Make In Our Eating Patterns

After you’ve acquired knowledge about the things you’ve been doing right and the things you’ve been doing wrong, you have to start making some decisions.


  1. Deciding whether or not you are ready to accept personal responsibility for your life and for your health?
  2. If you are ready, then you must decide what changes you are willing to make and what changes you are NOT willing to make.
  3. Lastly (and most importantly), you must decide whether you are ready to start DOING WHAT IT TAKES, for AS LONG AS IT TAKES

Click Arrow To Learn More About Some Changes You May Want To Consider Making To Your Eating Patterns

  • Substituting water instead of soda/pop and sugary fruit juice drinks;
  • Substituting turkey, chicken and/or tofu for red meat;
  • Reducing or eliminating the amount of alcoholic beverages in your diet;
  • Adding more plant based foods such as whole grains like quinoa, couscous and buckwheat to your diet;
  • Learning to cook with tasty spices as a replacement for sodium in your diet;
  • Learning to eat dinner much earlier (say 5:00 or 6:00 PM) so that you don’t “take your food to bed with you” when you go to sleep; and
  • Learning to eat more slowly so that your stomach has a chance to process what you’ve already eaten and send you the appropriate signals to indicate you’ve had enough food and should stop eating.


Take Action

Begin Making Changes

Anthony Robbins has often said:

Never leave the scene of a decision without first taking action toward its realization.

I always say:

Watch a person’s actions.  Don’t just listen to their words.

4 years ago I was a hypocrite.

As of February 2009, I had written 5 books, 4 of which were self-help books that talked about steps people should take to get their lives in order.  The only problem was that I wasn’t following my own advice.

I weighed 320 pounds and I ate a lousy diet.  I was miserable.  In fact, I was so miserable, I even had trouble bending down to tie my shoes.

I was a mess.

But . . .

On February 1, 2009, I decided it was time to take action.

I decided that I was no longer going to tolerate nonsense in my life and the first person I was going to stop tolerating it from was MYSELF !!!

That’s right.  MYSELF.

I decided it was time to take personal responsibility and the rest is history.

I now weigh 195 pounds and I’m working diligently to get that last 15 to 20 pounds off (but like they say, those have proven to be the hardest).

Have you decided to stop tolerating nonsense in your life?

If you have, it’s time for you to start making changes in your life, NOW !!!

One action you can take RIGHT NOW is to check out Step 3 – Exercising More.

If you haven’t, we need to talk . . .

Join us in our Discussion Area at and we’ll see if we can help.

After all, you’re not alone when you visit

About The Author

Stanley F. Bronstein

Attorney, CPA and Author

President and Member Board of Directors

As his 50th birthday grew nearer, Stanley decided enough was enough. He was tired of living a life of obesity.

Since February 2009, Stanley has dropped from a weight of 320 pounds to the mid-190s.  He has gone from a life of inactivity to walking a half-marathon daily and full marathons on many weekends.

His latest book in what he calls his “iWarriorWalk Pathfinder Series” is designed to help people ask (and answer) key questions about themselves.  Stanley believes that the only way We The People of the United States are going to solve our problems (especially the growing problem of obesity) is by asking the right questions and by coming up with appropriate answers.

Through Foundation EON, he hopes to help you (and America) do just that.

For more information on Stanley, visit