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The Costs of Obesity

An April 30, 2012 article from Reuters (CLICK TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE) explores the staggering costs of excess weight/obesity for healthcare, insurance and other areas of the economy. The total is thought to be around 190 billion annually (yes, billion). This is a huge sum of money, one that is mostly unnecessary! Some additional highlights of the article are:

  • The higher costs run everywhere from installing more sturdy equipment, such as stronger hospital toilets, to consuming a billion of extra gallons of gasoline since 1960.
  • Insurers charge more in premiums and everyone pays more to cover the extra costs.
  • The number of people who are obese has risen significantly since 1960, to over 30%.
  • Obese people lose an average of 30 days of work each year.
  • Annual medical expenses are 6 times higher for obese people than for average patients!
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Steve Carney developed a passion for overcoming life challenges because of childhood illness. He learned what it’s like to be hospitalized and go through shots, surgeries, pain, etc. It was a real lesson in what happens when you lose your health. He even had to learn how to walk again! He overcame those challenges, including a limp that he had until his 30s! Steve has had to overcome other life challenges too, including dyslexia, excess weight, allergies, blood sugar problems, knee pain, a thyroid issue and even a recent car accident!

Steve has dual certifications as a Certified Nutrition/Fitness and Health Coach, and a Certified Professional Life Coach (CPC). His passion for health and longevity goes back 20 years and he still reads research daily (nutrition, supplements, health, disease and drugs).

His mission is to end sickness now by helping others with better nutrition, activity, and to live a longer, healthier life!

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